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The Clan has been disbanded.

On my personal note... I decided to disband the clan because no one is no longer able to take sufficient care for it... I will soon be graduating and I no longer have any free time to use the computer. When I graduate I'll probably be really busy with life by then and I still wouldn't have enough time at all...

I know this may be kinda sudden but I sincerely apologize to all of you... and its been a long run but sometimes we just can't make it that far...

To Needles: You've been the best person I've ever known here in the online world and I know I will never forget you... all those good times we've had and all the bad ones... and yet throughout all those hardships I'm glad we stuck to one another as hard as we could and did our best and we're actually able to make it this far... But I'm sorry it had to come to this.. Without you we really and truly couldn't have done what we've done. You sir, are the greatest..

To Blaze: You weren't always the Vice Leader I had always expected but with your aggressive attitude it kept me sure that I would always have someone to be on the strong opinions and someone to roughly make decisions. Without you I'm DEFINITELY and COMPLETELY sure we wouldn't have made it this far... because most of the time it was just you...and you and you.. on the site, or talking to the members... I know we've fought alot.. considering the desire to embarrass each other infront of everyone but to me, that's just how we bonded and got along, thank you for that...

To My Mentor (The REAL CorruptKatana): One day you'll open up this site... and read this.. but without you.. I wouldn't have learned different ways to lead a clan.. you.. honestly we'rent the best leader but you taught me that only believing in what you have is what can get you through anything..

To The Members: You gave us this... Our reputation was great thanks to all of you.. and its thanks TO YOU.. that we couldn't have just ended in times of bitterness.. I thank you all.

And my last message.. I know i'll see you all again someday and when that day comes.. I'll say hi.. we'll probably talk abit and walk on different paths again.


Contact me: xFire: Yamato4147


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